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Building Knowledge - An Architectural History of the University of Glasgow


For for the first time, the story of the University and its buildings can be told through a wealth of never-before-published archive material, ranging from photographs, plans and drawings, to contracts, accounts and personal letters. Building Knowledge traces the development of the institution from its founding in 1451 right up until the present day including the latest chapter in its architectural history, with the expansion of the main campus. The University's fascinating buildings which continue to inspire thousands of students, residents and visitors have much to tell us about Scotland's enduring role as a centre of learning and culture in both Europe and the wider world. In this lavish new book, the story of a thriving University and the people who built and shaped it is brought to life in vivid detail.

By Nick Haynes
216 pages hardback, 28.2 x 1.9 x 23.1 cm