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Cluny Unicorn Tapestry

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This stunning Jacquard woven wall tapestry is taken from The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries. This work of art can be hung in any room and will not only impress, but with this tapestry's intricate design you will always find something new to ponder over, for many years.

The unicorn was fabled for its beautiful shape, its great agility & its virtue. For this reason, the unicorn was invisible to all but virgins. Rare & reputedly elusive, the animal was greatly in demand since its horn was supposed to have the marvellous power of counteracting poison. Wine which had been poisoned became harmless if drunk from a unicorn's horn; knife handles made from this substance exuded small beads of liquid if the food was poisoned. Naturally, such a talisman would fetch any price & was avidly sought after by kings & noblemen to protect them from the death by poisoning frequent in the Middle Ages.

Unicorns finally, were also the symbol of purity & of unattainable love.

Measurements: Approx. 60 x 65cm (including loops)

  • Tapestries are fully lined

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